Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac


5ml of the SUPER POWERFUL ULTIMATE REAL SPANISH FLY Aphrodisiac  (SPANISCHE FLIEGE) 5 ml. Spanish fly drops – effective excitant for men and women made in Germany. Enhance sexual desire in women and increase stamina and sex drive in men.

Boost libido and virility.

The correct combination of this highly-effective ingredient (Spanish Fly) can often bring both man and woman to the peak of sexual desire even shortly after taking it.

Can be added to any beverage. Colorless, subtle smell and taste.
Dosage – 5 drops to 10 but not more than 15 drops daily.

Contains a potent blend of ALL NATURAL ingredients formulated to the strictest quality and safety standards in Germany
The active ingredient acts as a strong aphrodisiac and increases libido.
Also contains Muira Puama – extracts from this tree are used by tribes in the Rio Negro as a natural aphrodisiac.

Ingredients: 10g contain Cantharis D6 9.00g, Muira-Puama extract e lign. fluid. 1:1 1,0 g

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